Glen was great to work with on our office remodel project. He brought many innovative and attractive solutions to the table, and worked closely with us to see them through to completion. Every day, visitors to our office complement his work and we love it too! 


Liaison Resources, LP

        Commercial renovation

Everyday we are very grateful for you and your insight and brilliant ability to conceptualize our wishes and desires into reality.

We are raving fans .... and yes, we love, love, love our home!

Elizabeth and Mike

        Condominium renovation

Working with Glen was a very positive experience from the first conversation about the design of our new home to the day we moved in. He was enormously helpful and patient in bringing together our diverse ideas of what the house could be into a unified and highly functional design. Throughout the entire construction process, he was there to solve problems and also to encourage us through the daunting but ultimately rewarding experience. We would enthusiastically recommend him to anyone for any type of undertaking from a remodel to a new home.

Susan & Danny

        New residence

The Nature Conservancy has worked with Glen Chappell on a number of design projects in Texas that have allowed our organization to employ modern construction techniques as well as incorporate the use of environmentally smart building materials to achieve our many goals.  More important, this architectural firm takes both people and nature into account when contemplating building design on our nature preserves.  It is always a joy to work with Glen while conceptualizing and evaluating various alternative designs. We start with an idea and end up with a really awesome building.  Glen makes a noticeable effort to give his clients a true feeling of partnership in the project and in a real pleasant kind of way. 



Upper Gulf Coast Program Manager

The Nature Conservancy of Texas

        New and renovated commercial


Glen has been our architect on 3 projects in two older houses in the last 10 years.  He has been great fun to work with and a real professional in all ways. He incorporates our ideas and provides his design and wonderful attention to detail.  His ability to combine functionality and design with real creativity has made our two houses the recipients of many compliments and wonderful homes to live in.  He is always sensitive to the age and style of the house and neighborhood.  We would never dream of undertaking any remodel or new house without Glen.

Jeannie and Tom

        Residential renovation

Thanks again for your huge part in helping to make the apartment a reality. I can't tell you how many people comment on how integrated the apartment looks with the rest of the house. They really respond to all of the wonderful touches - which were made possible by your vision.

You really were a delight to work with - and I know it wasn't easy at times. 


Thanks again (and again),

Vicki & Stan

        Residential addition



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