I became an architect because I enjoy solving complex problems, love good design, and am captivated by well-crafted buildings. I studied at Rice University and the University of Texas and served an extended apprenticeship with William J. Scudder, Architects and Land Planners—a Texas-based architecture, land-planning and in-house development firm. I’ve been designing homes and commercial spaces, and been self-employed, for more than 25 years now.

My houses have been rated 5-star by the Austin Energy Green Building Program, and a recent house, on the annual Cool House Tour, is one of the highest ranked houses ever rated in Austin.


A well-designed structure will have its own original style as a sum of the site conditions, artistic influences, and needs it was built to meet. I try to avoid fashion trends but aspire instead to a lasting authenticity.

Each site presents its own challenges which must be addressed as elegantly as possible. Buildings should have a truthful, reverent relationship to the land.

The building must function beautifully.

If we do our jobs well, a building will naturally be “green”: healthy to live or work in, cost effective to maintain and durable for generations. Buildings are green when they respond as well as possible to their environment.

I could describe myself as a “practical modernist.” Modern in that I love open spaces and natural light; I aim for an extensive interplay with the out-of-doors and an honest use of materials. Practical in the sense that the elements and climate must be handled with deference, building materials should be critically examined, and costs need to be respected.

I wholeheartedly welcome the tastes and ideas of my clients. My very best projects have always included involved, highly interested clients as full partners in the process. I don’t come to a project with a preconceived vision, set style, or personal mission. Each project is unique, and each one deserves original, attentive thought.

Code Specialties

  1. – City of Austin Land Development Code

  2. – McMansion (Subchapter F) development standards

  3. – Heritage Tree ordinance

  4. – Hyde Park Neighborhood Association guidelines

  5. – International Residential Code and International Building Code

  6. – Architectural Barriers Act (ADA)



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